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How to write a birthday invitation

Birthday is the only day of the year when you feel special. Already in the morning wake up with a hustle. And no matter how long it turns out, it is important that that time of the day stops and you remember and weigh the good or bad work done during the year.

But how often do we have to write birthday invitations? Well, not for the anniversary.

First, you choose the invitation format in which you want to write it. This can be a neatly folded white sheet or postcard. So, in the upper row of a sheet or postcards, you should have a bold font called “invitation”. In the row below, you also type in the name and surname of the person you invite to birthday. Spend a few lines from the left edge of your name (you can also surname if it’s a very formal invitation), then the date when the celebration will take place. Next you write where it will go and specify the address you want to arrive at. From the new lines, you can write down any requirements, of course, if you raise them, if you do a themed party, you should indicate how the person should come in.

Well, at the end of the call you can write your phone number and write a note next to it for more detailed information.

I look forward to answering the question “how to write a birthday invitation”.

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