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How do I Write a Script?

What is this scenario? 

There are three main elements in each scenario: a character, a narrator, and a viewer (audience). Simply put, scenarios are stories of how something terribly desires something and is experiencing difficulty in achieving the goal. So you have to take into consideration what is “something”, what it / he wants, what you are willing to sacrifice for it (or you risk it, build everything on the card, because if it is not worth worrying about) and what difficulties do you have.

Well, how to write a script? First of all, you should analyze the literary work you would like to move to the screen or to the scene. The scenario usually appears as a plan of the work, and contains the most important stages of the life of the main characters. Some of the more important moments: we introduce the actors and other information without which the audience would not understand history; conflict; crisis; crash or climax.

Apart from literary scenarios, scenarios for festivals, weddings, anniversaries and even rehearsals are still being developed. They are much simpler because everything is going on in life, not on the TV screen or on the stage. If something doesn’t work well according to plan, the event can be corrected by an impromptu.

There are people who have unlimited fantasy, allowing them to manifest themselves in horror or fantasy.

So, if you want to write a script, try to start writing it for some occasion, such as a birthday party. If everything goes smoothly, you can try to screen your favorite literary work by creating a script for it.

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